Chicago Will Feel Like -45 Tonight. Here's How To Prepare Yourself.

NBC Chicago reports that it might feel like -45 degrees tonight in the Chicago area, which is really, obscenely cold. Although a certain member of the Gawker staff thinks factors like "wind chill" are beefed-up "fraudulent numbers" designed to make you either a) stay inside forever or b) feel like a big ol' badass for… » 1/27/14 11:38pm 1/27/14 11:38pm

New York Times: "Pizza Is Meh"

Today, The New York Times posted a defense of their inclusion of "pizza" on the "Meh List," which they call "a much-beloved and much-maligned part of the One Page Magazine." Up until now, I was unaware that the "Meh List" was "much-anything," but now that the Grey Lady herself has dragged pizza into the mix, I must… » 1/27/14 9:36pm 1/27/14 9:36pm

One Percenter Brags About His Watch During Holocaust Letter Apology

After experiencing immense backlash for writing a letter comparing the treatment mega-rich in America today to the persecution of Jews during Nazi Germany, Tom Perkins is furiously backpedaling — or at least, attempting to do so. » 1/27/14 8:46pm 1/27/14 8:46pm

New Fake Trend: Middle Schoolers Snorting Smarties

Now parents have one more (probably fake) young-people trend to worry about: kids these days are apparently crushing up Smarties and snorting them. Surprisingly, there is no high from crushing up colored sugar and sticking it up your nose, but that hasn't stopped middle schoolers across the country from doing it.… » 1/20/14 7:15pm 1/20/14 7:15pm

Chill Bro Reacts to High School Murder Plot: "Killing People Is Heavy"

Last week, a 17-year-old boy was arrested in Topeka, Kansas, for planning to shoot two police officers and two administrators at his high school. That story is awful, but at least something good came from the event: a few local news reporters introduced us to the chillest high school bro, like, ever. » 1/20/14 6:23pm 1/20/14 6:23pm