In case you needed another item to add to your "things that are astronomically rare but so terrifying that I'm going to have periodical panic attacks about them happening anyway" list, here's a little story for you: a Kenyan man woke up in a morgue after being declared dead.

Paul Mutora, 24, was rushed to the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt that involved consuming insecticide. He was given an antidote that may have caused an extremely slow heart rate and pupil dilation — two factors that are used in determining whether someone is dead or alive.


He was pronounced dead at 11:00 PM, and taken to a morgue. The next afternoon, two employees heard noises coming from one of the bodies, and noticed that Mutora was breathing (which led them, understandably, to run screaming from the room).

Mutora is expected to make a full recovery, and the hospital is investigating the grave (sorry) mistake.

[H/T Daily Mail]