In a certifiably not-shady move, the Vatican has denied a request from Poland's District Prosecutor to extradite an archbishop accused of sexually abusing several young boys.

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was dismissed from his position as a papal nuncio in the Dominican Republic last August after Dominican prosecutors announced they were launching an investigation against him after several boys came forward with accusations against him. Wesolowski was quickly recalled to Rome by the Vatican once the investigation was announced, but a spokesperson for the Church denied that it was a political move intended to shield him from any investigations.


That's a little less plausible now, considering the fact that the Vatican is refusing to extradite the archbishop back to Poland, and is instead conducting its own completely fair, definitely not biased investigation. Sigh. Just when you thought Pope Francis was a totally chill bro

[H/T The Tablet, image via Vatican Crimes]