Ruth Fowler — a California woman, mom, and social media oversharer extraordinaire — has been temporarily suspended from Facebook after she posted pictures on the site that graphically depict her home birthing process.

Fowler — who is extremely pissed about the situation, by the way — put up a naked picture of herself cradling her newborn son, which apparently violated Facebook's "nudity and pornography" policy. Some people are arguing that the picture is a perfectly acceptable image of a beautiful, natural process, but I'd counter that argument with this: what kind of person wants to see a casual Facebook friend pop up on their newsfeed with her legs splayed open on afterbirth-stained sheets? "Oh, Judy got engaged, good for her! And I see that Kevin enjoyed his trip to Jamaica… oh, and there's that random girl I had high school homeroom with, Ruth, whose wrinkly alien-baby is clutching her naked breasts. Great!"


Other things that should be banned from Facebook: hi-res pictures of spiders, sorority gang sign poses, cutesy couples, pictures of food that looks delicious but is not available for me to consume, posts about sad abandoned animals, Facebook itself.

[H/T Daily Dot, image via Fowler's Instagram account]